What Do You Use to Install Thin Brick?

What Do You Use to Install Thin Brick?


Thin brick is a popular choice for adding a rustic or industrial look to interior and exterior walls. Installing thin brick requires specific tools and materials to ensure a successful and durable application. Let's explore the essential items needed for installing thin brick.

Tools for Installing Thin Brick

  • Trowel: A trowel is used to apply mortar or adhesive to the back of each thin brick before placing it on the wall.
  • Notched Trowel: This tool helps create an even layer of adhesive on the back of the thin bricks, ensuring proper adhesion.
  • Tile Saw: A tile saw is necessary for cutting thin bricks to fit around corners or edges.
  • Grout Float: After placing the thin bricks, a grout float is used to fill the joints between the bricks with mortar or grout.
  • Level: To ensure that the thin bricks are installed straight and level, a level is essential.
  • Bucket and Mixing Paddle: These are needed for mixing mortar or adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Materials for Installing Thin Brick

  • Thin Brick Veneers: These are the actual thin bricks that will be installed on the wall.
  • Mortar or Adhesive: Depending on the application method, mortar or adhesive is used to attach the thin bricks to the wall.
  • Grout: Grout is used to fill the gaps between the thin bricks for a finished look.
  • Sealer: A sealer helps protect the thin brick from moisture and stains once the installation is complete.
  • Spacers: Spacers are used to maintain consistent spacing between thin bricks for a professional finish.


Installing thin brick can transform the look of any space, but it's essential to have the right tools and materials for a successful installation. By using the tools and materials mentioned above, you can achieve a professional and lasting thin brick installation that adds character and charm to your walls.

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